About Wildgrid

Wildgrid has an active community of 8,000 people and growing across the United States. Our education platform is promoted nationally, but we encourage people to take action locally. Our Green Business Directory features the top professionals dedicated to making homes as sustainable as possible.

We look for members who:
⚡️ Are small and independently owned
⚡️ Certified in your field (i.e. BPI, NABCEP, Pearl)
⚡️ Have a high quality, maintained website
⚡️ Have public customer reviews on Google

A photo of the Wildgrid team together. Five women smiling at an event.
Nifty, interactive map coming soon!

Help people save money and the planet by making sustainable choices at home.

It takes time and effort to educate yourself on what changes you can make, calculate the costs, and find the right professional installers. Wildgrid's online app enables you to explore & compare costs for sustainable home upgrades all in one place.

Green Business Directory Membership

Flat annual membership fee

No lead fees. We're the cool, online "Yellow Pages" of eco home resources.

Exposure to educated customers

Wildgrid users search for businesses in their zip code... and there you are!

Generous, national community

Members are passionate about education and share what works (or didn't).

Green Business Website Badge

Show off that you're in the directory! The bar is set high (this isn't Angi's List).

Eligible Business Categories

  • Residential solar installers
  • Residential HVAC professionals (air source heat pump experience)
  • Residential geothermal installers
  • Energy efficiency & insulation professionals
  • Electricians
  • Electric vehicle dealers
  • Electric vehicle charger installers
  • Home battery storage experts
  • Low waste, package free, and bulk goods stores

About Wildgrid

Wildgrid was founded by two friends, Krystal and Parinda. Our story started when Parinda bought her first home. After years of living in apartments, she was excited to finally get solar panels. She did a little research online, but moments later was bombarded with spam calls and text messages. Parinda called Krystal, an old friend, and solar expert for help. Together they realized that the process was way too confusing. Solar is just one step, what about all the other sustainable home upgrades we need to make?

And thus, Wildgrid was born! We're building the most comprehensive, searchable directory of local businesses committed to making our homes more sustainable.
A photo of the Wildgrid team together. Five women smiling at an event.

Directory membership is currently invite-only.

We're researching and gathering referrals for the top companies to include. Membership is a flat annual fee, affordable pricing tiers are available. If you'd like to learn more, email