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Voltage Vixens is a live, online course where you learn how to electrify your home from A to Z. In six weeks, you'll learn how to switch from gas to electric appliances, save money, and have a little fun along the way. You'll have access to thought leaders, an engaging climate tech curriculum, and more.

We promise three outcomes:
⚡️ Foundational climate tech knowledge
⚡️ An actionable plan to electrify your home
⚡️ A welcome, curious community

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A group of people on Zoom in a Voltage Vixens class.

"I really appreciate having this space with just women. It was comfortable, safe and inspiring when I typically work in a space of all men."

- Erin, Voltage Vixens Cohort #1

"Taking small steps is possible, it can feel overwhelming in knowing where to start making a more energy efficient home, but this course laid out areas where I can start."

- Emma, Voltage Vixens Cohort #1

"Krystal made classes interactive instead of being talked at, there was active conversations, and the community who was there was pretty cool too!"

- Jade, Voltage Vixens Cohort #1


We started as a group of women trying to figure out how to electrify our homes (aka switch from gas & oil to electric). What we learned is that it's a complicated and messy process that is much more rewarding when you do it with friends.

We are passionate about providing a safe learning space for women, nonbinary, and trans people.

Got a question? Email us at
⚡️ 6 hours of live, online instruction
⚡️ Weekly office hours for Q&A
⚡️ Interactive break out sessions
⚡️ In-person meetups in your area
⚡️ Unlimited donut emojis 🍩 🍩 🍩


Five years ago, I never thought I would be leading an online electrification course! I was a toy designer who was consumed with climate anxiety. I didn't know how to meaningfully address climate change in my every day life. I'm now a leader in the climate space and serial tech entrepreneur. I'm the cofounder & CEO here at Wildgrid. In 2019, I taught myself how to design solar panels and launched Grouphug Solar with the patented Window Solar Charger. My work has been featured on Shark Tank, the Today Show, The Wall Street Journal, and more. I've taught at universities like Parsons, SVA, and NJIT.

I share my story because I don't have a fancy degree or background in climate tech - I taught myself. It took me years to find my "tribe". That's the experience I bring to this cohort. I hope to see you in class!
Two photos of Krystal Persaud, smiling and holding a solar panel and drill.


  • Is live attendance mandatory?
    No, but it's highly encouraged! Class is interactive and includes discussions.
  • Will recordings of the class be available?
    Yes, we will send recordings of class to enrolled cohort members.
  • Can people outside of the U.S. join?
    Yes! 95% of what we teach applies anywhere. We'll teach you how to navigate local incentives and rebates.
  • Will there be any in-person classes?
    Yes! We plan on organizing in-person meetups in October after 'graduation'.
  • Are there homework assignments?
    Yes. We will do small weekly assignments to create an action plan for your home.
  • Is there financial assistance available?
    Email us at and we'd love to chat.


*All classes are virtual. A survey will be sent to choose the best class times.
Class 1: History of Energy  🏭   Sept 14
The history of the grid and power plants. Plus the concept of "electrifying" your home.

Class 2: Solar Energy  🌞 Sept 21
The science behind solar, options for owners and renters, average costs, rebates, and the pros and cons to consider.

Class 3: Induction Stoves  🍳 Sept 29
All about induction stoves. Plus, how to calculate if your electrical panel & home wiring needs an upgrade.
Class 4: Electric Vehicles 🚗 Oct 5
How electric vehicles work, and the pros and cons to consider. Plus, home batteries.

Class 5: Heat Pumps & Insulation 💨 Oct 12
How to sustainably address HVAC issues. How heat pumps work, the different types, rebates, and the pros and cons.

Class 6: Plumbing  💦 Oct 19
All about water! How electric hot water heaters work plus a few tips on how to convert your lawn into a pollinator garden.
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